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Dissonance: The Cover by RememberTherefore Dissonance: The Cover :iconremembertherefore:RememberTherefore 8 6 Almost thar by RememberTherefore Almost thar :iconremembertherefore:RememberTherefore 2 7
So, I'm in the mood for a little fun, and I just had a few DOTA keys fall in my lap, so let's have a little contest, shall we?
Here are your guidelines:
1: Be one of my followers, whether that be here or on Tumblr [link] . There's no minimum amount of time, you just need to be one.
2: I don't particularly care what genre you pick, just make it good. The closer I am to crying, dying of laughter, or becoming trapped in existential thought, ect, the more likely it is that you'll win.  
3: Try not to make them too long. I'm not going to set an actual limit; I get that sometimes good material can get a little lengthy. However, I'd prefer you keep it under 15 panels.
Aaaand that's all! Super simple, super easy. Here's what you're competing for:
1st PRIZE:
A fully-colored comic of your script
One DOTA 2 key
A small, custom avatar
A possible reading of your script with whoever I can pull together, i
:iconremembertherefore:RememberTherefore 0 0
Aavie: Le doodle by RememberTherefore Aavie: Le doodle :iconremembertherefore:RememberTherefore 3 2 This is also update by RememberTherefore This is also update :iconremembertherefore:RememberTherefore 0 1 So...clooooooose by RememberTherefore So...clooooooose :iconremembertherefore:RememberTherefore 0 4 BY THE POWER OF UPDATE by RememberTherefore BY THE POWER OF UPDATE :iconremembertherefore:RememberTherefore 1 4 HNNNNGUPDATE by RememberTherefore HNNNNGUPDATE :iconremembertherefore:RememberTherefore 1 13 SWEET MOTHER OF GOD DENIAL POSTED by RememberTherefore SWEET MOTHER OF GOD DENIAL POSTED :iconremembertherefore:RememberTherefore 3 3 WORP WORP WORP by RememberTherefore WORP WORP WORP :iconremembertherefore:RememberTherefore 2 0 WDES- textless version by RememberTherefore WDES- textless version :iconremembertherefore:RememberTherefore 2 0 Why Did Equestria Shrink? -cover art by RememberTherefore Why Did Equestria Shrink? -cover art :iconremembertherefore:RememberTherefore 2 3 IAMALIVEAMIALIVEIAMALIVE by RememberTherefore IAMALIVEAMIALIVEIAMALIVE :iconremembertherefore:RememberTherefore 2 2 Short Animation Test by RememberTherefore Short Animation Test :iconremembertherefore:RememberTherefore 2 5 Feathers by RememberTherefore Feathers :iconremembertherefore:RememberTherefore 5 6 Zee Uberpreview by RememberTherefore Zee Uberpreview :iconremembertherefore:RememberTherefore 1 1


Cloud Tutorial Part 2 by yuumei Cloud Tutorial Part 2 :iconyuumei:yuumei 16,083 253 Only Justice by ComickerGirl Only Justice :iconcomickergirl:ComickerGirl 3,117 173 Armor shading tutorial by ryky Armor shading tutorial :iconryky:ryky 4,549 63 Olivier Claude Tosia sketch compilation by Lapis-Razuri Olivier Claude Tosia sketch compilation :iconlapis-razuri:Lapis-Razuri 3,318 84 Gipsy Danger - Pacific Rim by tommasorenieri Gipsy Danger - Pacific Rim :icontommasorenieri:tommasorenieri 2,151 200 Your award by alexiuss Your award :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 2,320 85 Sea devil by Kate-FoX Sea devil :iconkate-fox:Kate-FoX 2,826 128 Coup De Grace (Detailed) by TrungTH Coup De Grace (Detailed) :icontrungth:TrungTH 866 42 The Clash by TrungTH The Clash :icontrungth:TrungTH 661 41 Queen of pain by Perseass Queen of pain :iconperseass:Perseass 336 21 Annie Leonhardt - Attack On Titan by JxbP Annie Leonhardt - Attack On Titan :iconjxbp:JxbP 3,804 301 Spiders in the Myst by RGUS Spiders in the Myst :iconrgus:RGUS 1,511 94 Metroid Prime-Chozo Ghosts by Joelchan Metroid Prime-Chozo Ghosts :iconjoelchan:Joelchan 814 137 Don't worry baby Momma's coming by GeniusFetus Don't worry baby Momma's coming :icongeniusfetus:GeniusFetus 854 66 Samus fanart by tommasorenieri Samus fanart :icontommasorenieri:tommasorenieri 1,014 54


Hey, kids.

Well. Those of you still left, anyway. Just figured I might as well bring things to the end with an explanation.

To those of you who didn't follow me for the technicolor ponies, I appreciate you, and I'm sorry if it was spam to you. To the rest of you...

First off: you're lovely people. Don't forget that or take any of this the wrong way. You've been kinder and more supportive than I could have ever asked for. Now, that being said, I never intended to be an artist in the community. I don't even read ponyfics, or fanfics of any kind for that matter. A friend linked me to the page, and the Dissonance stuff happened to be at the very beginning. I was surprised by how well it was written and how very not-My-Immortal it was. It was impressive, and I had a lot of free time and a brand new tablet, so when I saw "looking for illustrator", I thought to myself, "what the heck?"

It was fun. I got featured, once, and that's when most of you came. It came to a point where most of what I posted was MLP related, and there was a lot of demand for more. I began to have a dilemma at this point, one that brought the art flow to a more or less complete halt. Let me reiterate, I loved your support. However, I felt like a sellout. The ponies got tons of views and favourites and comments, so I put more out. The original art, though, the ones I started this page to post (dont look at those they're terrible I was like thirteen and wtf is art), wasn't getting any hits at all, so I just quit posting it. Don't get me wrong, I still made art, but it never made my page. It didn't feel worthwhile.

It was about this time I met a teacher who actually took time to teach me some classic traditional technique. I realized how much I missed drawing figures (sorry folks, but drawing hands beats drawing hooves any day), and announced my inevitable retirement from Dissonance. "Don't worry," I promised, "I'll still put out the occasional piece." But I haven't, have I?

I checked back in on the fandom recently. It would be wrong to say it had all gone south, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little disappointed. Perhaps it's just a noisier minority, who am I to say? Anyway. Not important. This isn't really about that.

What it IS about is that this is the end of this alias and this page. I'm going to leave it up, and I'll probably still check it from time to time. The occasional comment still flies in out of nowhere, and your support deserves some response. It's the least I can do for such a kind group of followers. There will be no more art, though. I'm starting a new page without any ties to this one. If you're interested in making the jump to the new page with me, send me a PM, I'll be happy to link you. Or, perhaps you may just recognize me by style. That'd actually be really neat. Whatever you do, please understand that making comment about this page or the old alias or ponies IN GENERAL on the new page will not be tolerated. This has all been fun, but I'd like to keep it by itself. I hope you can understand.

You've been the best. Denial... Out.

TL;DR- Goodbye.


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This is the lurking ground of the rare, obscurely mentioned and whispered of "Denial", doodler, illustrator, and art mod for Ask Guilt.

I assure you, I exist, somewhere deep in your mind. Look for me, and shoot me a message if you've got requests/commissions/feel chatty.


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chaney16 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wassup Denial! Upon writing this message I've tried drawing my first sketch of a pony, it's unfinished because I doubt my skills atthemoments, but wassup man it's been a while. I like the drawing tools on this site....
RememberTherefore Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Professional General Artist
Heya, guy! how are you?
chaney16 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm doing pretty good. How about you? And with the whole Pony Biz, well everyone moves on sometimes, I'm just happy you love doing what you do.
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Thank you! :D
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